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Presentation Skills:

This course enables professionals, for whom presenting is an integral part of their work, to effectively communicate their message with clarity and confidence.
Whether it’s in a one to one meeting or in a convention hall, public speaking requires preparation and practice.
Work focuses on key delivery skills: Physical presence, breath control, audibility, pacing, intonation and spontaneity. This work can be delivered one to one or in small groups. One to one sessions last an hour and a half, and depending on the time frame at least three further sessions are recommended. Group sessions are negotiable.

One to One Coaching:

This course aims at giving individuals the skills necessary for effective communication.
It’s for any one feeling the need for support in their communication or public speaking skills. The work focuses on increasing the individual’s confidence through diagnosing the communication issue and then working through information and exercises that specifically address this.
The work usually starts with a two-hour diagnostic session and then five more hourly sessions are recommended.

Clear Speech:

This course is aimed at any private or professional person for whom clear articulation is an issue or English is their second language and feels the need for support in clearer communication. This course is not about changing accent, but rather working to make the accent clearer to the native listener. The work focuses on recognising the differences between the ‘home accent’ and the standard sounds of English, giving the speaker more confidence in their ability to effectively communicate. This work usually starts with a two-hour diagnostic session and then five more hourly sessions are recommended.

Effective Use of Voice in the Classroom:

This course is aimed at teachers in all levels of education.
It is for experienced teachers, newly qualified teachers, and teaching assistants. The course raises awareness and introduces practical information and exercises that will improve classroom communication and enable teachers to maintain a healthy, strong and flexible voice throughout their teaching careers. The work can be delivered as an introductory lecture/demonstration of 1.5 to 2 hours, as a half day, 3-4 hour, practical session or a whole day, 6-7 hour, practical session. Maximum group size: 20.

5 Main Voices for Effective Classroom Communication:

This workshop is a practical voice class focusing on specific voice use for specific classroom situations. Sometimes teachers get stuck using one tone of voice for all teaching situations, resulting in voice strain, boredom and bad behaviour. Working through the 5 Voices, teachers are given the opportunity to experiment with different tones of voice; neutral voice for instructions, request voice for leading discussion, advisory voice for reassurance, firm voice for full classroom attention, extra-firm voice for unacceptable behaviour. While working with the 5 voices, teachers also learn valuable vocal techniques that will improve classroom communication and behaviour. This workshop can be delivered in a half day or as part of a whole day course.

Voice for Actors:

This course is for all actors wishing to hone their vocal skills. The work can focus on any aspect of voice that the individual or group wishes to address: vocal warm-ups and work-outs, voice and speech, voice and text, prep for auditions. Sessions are negotiable depending on numbers and time frame.